Chin augmentation surgery, also known as genioplasty, and bone advancement surgery, are designed for rejuvenative or reconstructive purposes to restore contour and/or proportion to the face. The surgery can be performed either by using an implant or by advancing the bone. In order to obtain the optimal results of a chin augmentation surgery, it is typically performed in conjunction with a facelift or nose reshaping surgery to balance the face.

Am I a good candidate for the surgery?

Your visit with Dr. Rohrich will determine if you are a good candidate. If you are in good physical and mental health with reasonable expectations you should be an appropriate candidate. If you’re considering a chin augmentation because you feel you have a small/weak chin, Dr. Rohrich will evaluate your facial proportions to determine if you would benefit from an implant or from a bone advancement procedure.

Genioplasty or bone advancement surgery can give your face better proportion and may enhance your self-esteem, but it won’t give you a totally different look. Before you decide to have surgery, think carefully about your expectations and discuss them with Dr. Rohrich.

What should I expect from my consultation?

During your consultation, you will learn about the surgery, its limitations and risks, and discuss your needs and concerns. This will help Dr. Rohrich understand your expectations and determine whether they realistically can be achieved. Dr. Rohrich will evaluate your face, including the skin and underlying bone. After your consultation a photographer will take photographs for your medical record and you will meet with Dr. Rohrich’s patient coordinator to discuss the surgery fees and scheduling dates. You may also schedule an additional consultation to view computer imaging so that you can visualize the results of each technique that Dr. Rohrich has specifically designed for your surgery.

You should come to the consultation prepared to discuss your medical history. This will include information about any medical conditions, drug allergies, medical treatments you have received including previous surgeries and medications that you currently take. It is important to provide complete information.

How is the surgery performed?

For chin implant surgery, Dr. Rohrich will make a small incision near where the implant will be placed, either in a crease below the chin or inside the mouth at the gum/lip junction. A pocket is then made in the facial tissue, the implant inserted, and the incision is sutured. The chin is taped to secure it in place while it heals. The sutures are removed in 5 to 10 days (sutures placed inside the mouth will dissolve in a similar period of time). Sometimes facial implants are inserted at the same time as a facelift or nose reshaping surgery.

For bone advancement, Dr. Rohrich will make a small incision on the inside of the mouth, cut the bone on either side of the jaw and advance it forward securing it with small plates and screws. This type of surgery is typically performed on patients needing 10mm or more advancement of their chin.