Use the form below if you have any questions for Dr. Rohrich or would like to receive additional information about cosmetic surgery. Our patient care coordinators will respond within the next working business day. Please include information about the procedure you are interested in as well as your top three concerns..

For those interested, Dr. Rohrich also offers Online Consultations. Click Here for more information.

Dr. Rohrich charges a $250 consultation fee, which will be applied to surgery costs if you choose to schedule. Your consultation will include:

  • Comprehensive consult and exam with Dr. Rohrich
  • Photos with our medical photographer
  • Overview of procedure costs
  • Scheduling availability
  • Computer imaging for rhinoplasty and facelift procedures
  • Skin care consult/evaluation (Consult includes evaluation by skin care specialist from our exclusive EpiCentre skin care/laser center.)

Our office number is 214-821-9114. Dr. Rohrich’s cell is 214-500-4870

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