Arm Lift

armsArm lift, or brachioplasty, is a surgical procedure to reshape and contour the upper arm area. Dr. Rohrich performs arm lifts at both his Dallas office at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, and at the Outpatient Building at UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas.

Contouring and reshaping the arms is a somewhat complex topic with a wide variety of possible procedures depending on many factors. There is significant variation from one person to the next in how the arms might respond to weight loss and aging.

Dr. Rohrich uses an algorithmic approach to determine which procedure will be best for your specific case. This approach considers many factors of your arms and your medical history including:

  • Your goals and expectations
  • Your arm skin elasticity
  • Amount of fatty tissue in the arm
  • Location of loose skin
  • Amount of weight loss
  • Age, lifestyle, and overall health

The information provided is a general overview of arm lift surgery. Each of the types listed here have many variations as brachioplasty or arm lift surgery is a diverse and innovative procedure. The best thing to do is come in to Dr. Rohrich’s Dallas based office for a consultation and have Dr. Rohrich examine you and determine the details of an arm lift and which one will work best for you.

Liposuction Only Arm Contouring

While not technically an arm lift, arm contouring using ultrasound assisted or saline assisted liposuction is a safe and effective way to achieve some of the best results that an arm lift could offer with a very small incision. This procedure does not work for everyone and relies on good skin elasticity. For younger patients with very little to no loose skin on the arms, good skin elasticity and moderate fatty tissue, this might be the best arm lift procedure.

lipo_only_armlift_1 lipo_only_armlift_2

Advantages of UAL/SAL Arm Contouring:

  • Very small hidden incision
  • Very small scar
  • Short recovery time
  • Outpatient procedure

Best Candidates for UAL/SAL Arm Contouring:

  • Younger
  • Good skin elasticity
  • Little loose, crepe like skin
  • Moderate amounts of fatty tissue

Complementary Clothing:

  • Most any tops as the incision is so small

Hidden Arm Lift

The hidden arm lift, also known as a limited incision brachioplasty, is best for patients that have loose, crepe-like skin in the lower inner arm area near the arm pit and do not have too much extra fatty tissue.

The Hidden Inner Arm Lift is a less invasive procedure where the scar can be hidden in the crease of the underarm and is complemented with contouring of the arm using liposuction.

limited_armlift_type_a_1 limited_armlift_type_a_2

Advantages of Hidden Arm Lift:

  • Small incision and scar
  • Scar is hidden in crease of the arm
  • Outpatient procedure
  • No drains necessary
  • Short recovery
    • Work and daily activity within 3 days
    • Arm exercises within weeks

Best Candidates for Hidden Arm Lift:

  • Moderate amounts of fatty tissue
  • Loose skin in the upper inner arm area
  • Weight loss of 50 pounds or less

Complementary Clothing for Hidden Arm Lift:

  • Sleeveless Tops
  • Short sleeved Shirts

Traditional Arm Lift

If the back of the arm has both extra fat and loose skin that goes from your armpit to the elbow you may be a candidate for a more traditional type of arm lift. In a traditional brachioplasty, the incision is made on the underside of the arm to remove excess skin and fatty tissue.

medial_armlift_type_a_1 medial_armlift_type_a_2

There are many different types of arm lifts in the traditional category depending on your specific circumstances. Liposuction can sometimes be used to help contour the arms and the chest wall under the arms.

Advantages of Traditional Brachioplasty

  • Able to address larger areas of loose skin
  • Able to address areas on the upper arm

Best Candidates for Traditional Brachioplasty:

  • Weight loss of 50 pounds or more
  • Moderate to high amounts of fatty tissue
  • Excess skin on entire upper arm
  • Minimal excess skin on chest wall

Complementary Clothing for Traditional Brachioplasty:

  • Elbow length sleeved shirts
  • Some short sleeved tops

Extended Arm Lift

An extended arm lift is similar to a traditional arm except that the incision is extended along the arm down to the body to address loose skin and fatty tissue that might be just under the arm area along the side of the chest wall. Having loose skin in that area is a common issue with massive weight loss patients.

extended_armlift_1 extended_armlift_2

Advantages of Extended Brachioplasty:

  • Able to address loose skin and excess fat on side of chest wall
  • Able to address larger areas of loose skin
  • Able to address areas on the upper arm

Best Candidates for Extended Brachioplasty:

  • Excess skin on entire upper arm
  • Excess skin on side of chest wall

Complementary Clothing for Extended Brachioplasty:

  • Elbow length sleeved shirts
  • Some short sleeved shirts