photoDr. Rohrich’s staff includes professional medical photographers that have many years of experience and cutting edge equipment to ensure the highest level of professionalism. Dr. Rohrich also offers his patients an imaging service in which digital images are created from your photographs that can help give you an idea of what to expect from a procedure.

If you would like to view more before and after photographs of a procedure that you are considering, Dr. Rohrich will be happy to show you additional images during your consultation with him.

Face and Neck Procedures


Before and after photographs of patients who have had a face lift by Dr. Rohrich.

25 Photos


This is a collection of before and after pictures of rhinoplasties performed by Dr. Rohrich.

45 Photos

Secondary Rhinoplasty

Photographs of patients who have had a secondary rhinoplasty with Dr. Rohrich.

14 Photos

Cosmetic Fillers

Applications of cosmetic fillers performed by Dr. Rohrich.

7 Photos


A collection of before and after photos demonstrating cosmetic applications of Botox®.

7 Photos


Eyelid surgery before and after photos by Dr. Rohrich.

6 Photos

Laser Resurfacing

Before and after photographs demonstrating results achieved through laser resurfacing.

6 Photos

Chemical Peel

Before and after chemical peels performed by Dr. Rohrich.

4 Photos

Lip Augmentation

Before and after pictures of lip augmentation using fillers, implants, and fat injections.

5 Photos

Body Contouring Procedures


Before and after pictures of liposuction by Dr. Rohrich.

8 Photos


Tummy tuck, before and after pictures performed by Dr. Rohrich.

5 Photos

Body Lift

Body contouring after massive weight loss, before and after pictures.

9 Photos


Male breast reduction, before and after pictures.

9 Photos

Arm Lift

Arm lifts and arm contouring done by Dr. Rohrich.

4 Photos

Breast Surgery

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation performed by Dr. Rohrich.

26 Photos

Breast Lift

Breast lift surgery performed by Dr. Rohrich.

4 Photos

Breast Reduction

Before and after pictures of breast reduction surgeries done by Dr. Rohrich.

4 Photos

Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction performed by Dr. Rohrich.

2 Photos

Patient Before and After Photographs

When you evaluate a set of before and after photographs showing cosmetic surgery procedures, it is important to know what to look for in a proper and professionally taken photograph.

First, you should always note the consistency of both the before and after photograph. They should have more or less the same background colors and should always be taken from the exact same angle and height. The distance from the patient to the camera should also be consistent, showing the same amount of the patient in both views. The way a patient positions their limbs should be the same. Clothing colors and placement should also be as close as possible in both the before and after images and photographic lighting should be consistent as well. Proper photographs should not make special efforts to hide or conceal any scars that were left as a result of the surgery. Before and after photographs without these characteristics can be misleading and misrepresentative of what you can expect from a procedure.