Cosmetic Q&A: Mini Tummy Tucks & Healing


1. Does the mini tummy tuck remove any skin above the navel? Dr. Rohrich: Absolutely not. That is the reason a mini-tummy tuck should be limited to only those patients who do not have extreme skin or fat above the umbilicus as this cannot be altered or significantly changed.

Breast Augmentation: 10 Patient Questions Answered


Dr. Rohrich answers 10 patient questions which are commonly asked about breast augmentation.

Cosmetic Q&A: Ethnic Rhinoplasty


Dr. Rohrich explains how rhinoplasty is performed differently on different ethnicities.

Cosmetic Q&A: Targeted Liposuction for Small Areas


How effective is liposuction for a small area, like my ankles?

Cosmetic Q&A: Retin-A the Gold Standard of Skin Care?


Dr. Rohrich discuses the advantages of using Retin-A to help fight the effects of aging and sun damage.

Cosmetic Q&A: After Rhinoplasty


Dr. Rohrich addresses some considerations following rhinoplasty. Does it hurt? Do you need to use nasal packing? How long do you have to wait before a secondary rhinoplasty?

Cosmetic Q&A: Botox Use, Forehead and Mouth


Questions about Botox: What to expect for use the forehead and mouth.

Cosmetic Q&A: Best Methods to Manage Scars?


Question: What are the best treatments to manage and minimize scarring after surgery?

Cosmetic Q&A: Mixing Fillers?


Question: Is it ok to mix the different dermal fillers? Is it ok to mix hyaluronic fillers and local anesthesia?

The Difference Between Liposculpture and Liposuction?

Question: What is the difference between liposculpture and traditional liposuction?

Different Techniques in Rhinoplasty?


Question: Are there different techniques for achieving an excellent result in rhinoplasty?