Cosmetic Q&A: Ethnic Rhinoplasty


Dr. Rohrich explains how rhinoplasty is performed differently on different ethnicities.

Cosmetic Q&A: After Rhinoplasty


Dr. Rohrich addresses some considerations following rhinoplasty. Does it hurt? Do you need to use nasal packing? How long do you have to wait before a secondary rhinoplasty?

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10 Things to Ask Before Having Plastic Surgery


The most important factor in all of plastic surgery – the one which determines your safety and outcome – is who you chose as your plastic surgeon. Make sure he or she is board certified, experienced, and safe.

Different Techniques in Rhinoplasty?


Question: Are there different techniques for achieving an excellent result in rhinoplasty?

Timeless Beauty vs Prevailing Aesthetics of Today


Question: Aesthetics of today are driven by media and the concept of beauty changes over time. How do you approach the dichotomy between a timeless aesthetic and the prevailing aesthetic of the day?

Plastic Surgery Myths


Myths about plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons, and board certifications. Patients should keep themselves informed about the qualifications that a doctor has to practice cosmetic surgery.

13 Myths about Non Surgical Treatments


The facts and fallacies surrounding many popular and upcoming non surgical cosmetic procedures including laser treatments, non surgical liposuction, Botox, Dysport, and fillers.