Cosmetic Q&A: Botox Use, Forehead and Mouth

botoxQuestion: What should I expect from a Botox treatment in the forehead?

Dr. Rohrich: The key thing in Botox is to not paralyze the face. This paralyzed appearance being normal has been a myth with Botox and gives an unnatural result.

The true goal is to have a soft look with reshaping of the brow and forehead so that it looks natural and not fake.  The natural look is the hallmark of an excellent Botox injector, and that requires skill, analysis, experience and an understanding of anatomy.  You must seek out someone who is an experienced injector in Botox.  A true expert is someone who teaching it, has written about it and does it daily.  Those are the triad that one must seek out if you want to get excellent results.

I also see all of my patients in two-weeks, especially if this is a first time Botox injection, to see how they are doing and how they are shaping of the brow.

Question: Can you correct the downward sagging of the mouth from Botox?

Dr. Rohrich: Yes, it is a very nice, simple and good way to correct the downward turn of the lips at the corners of the mouth, by weakening the depressor anguli oris muscle. This must be done very accurately, so as to prevent lip asymmetries when smiling.  It is a very useful technique.

I use Botox in the upper lateral portion of the lip a significant amount of the time when I’m doing lip enhancement to provide for increased fullness in this area.  A cautionary note for patients – I usually only inject the upper lip and not the lower lip.  If the injection is not done correctly the patient may have some difficulty puckering or actually drinking from a straw.  However, that is usually not a problem.