Facial Photo Study

peekDr. Rohrich was quoted in the July 2009 issue of the Cosmetic Surgery Times in Stable Landmarks, an article discussing a recent facial photo study.

In the study, detailed facial photos were taken of women and compared to photos taken 10 to 45 years earlier. The study concludes that the appearance of aging in the periorbital region of the face is caused more by the illusions created by shadows and contouring than by facial sagging.

Previous studies have underscored the role of those fat gains and losses in the aging face, and understanding the nuances of fat placement in the periorbital area, in particular, is critical when working to restore a youthful look, states Rod Rohrich, M.D.

“It’s True that you don’t see descent as much as the loss of fat, and that’s what really characterizes aging in the periorbital region,” concurs Dr. Rohrich, professor and chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.

“Taking fat from the eyelid is often unnecessary, as we’ve seen in a lot of previous blepharoplasties and that was why people tended to look so unnatural. It is instead important to preserve the fat and tighten the structures around the lid to restore the natural look.”

“You may even want to add fat in the periorbital area, especially around the brow to make the patient look youthful and have fullness in this important area,” he advises.